Like to See at the Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater

UPDATE: This article was originally published last month but considering the Downtown canada goose outlet black friday Amphitheater, whatever it name may be, opens this Friday and we thought revisiting these suggestions would be good conversation as the city residents flock to the first show.

It is well known by now that Live Nation has been booking lots of summer shows for the new 5,000 seat Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater across from the Raleigh Convention Center. From The Black Crowes, Sevendust, Slightly Stoopid, to the Backstreet Boys, we can say that we are very excited about the quality of the selections that have been made thus far. We know that Canada Goose Coats On Sale these are only the first few shows that have been announced and that there are A: more goose outlet canada to come and B: there are many other dates that canada goose outlet online uk can be independently booked and could turn out to be fantastic. But, the fact that The Backstreet Boys will be the first act to grace the stage got us to thinking that there has to be many more quality canada goose options out there that could sell out this pavilion. Many of these shows were written with a 5,000 ticket sell out but a few were not. Some are new bands, some are older. The genres are very broad. And then there are the silly ones. Some are single bands, other are orchestrated concerts with opening bands as well as canada goose outlet new york city headliners. Nevertheless, we see this as a start to the conversation of how the lineup could look if canada goose jacket outlet it wasn full of second tier bands and reunions. Let the discussion begin:

If this was about which bands I would most want to see at the amphitheater, then at the top of my list would be one of two Canada Goose Jackets options: The Whitest Boy Alive with R or The Cinematic Orchestra with Bonobo. Both combos of bands from the other side of the ocean would have no problem filling up the space in their respective regions (Norway/Germany for the former, England for the later), but it could be a stretch to canada goose outlet uk sale say that either could fill a 5,000 capacity in Raleigh. It a shame, because I think I would pop a blood vessel if any of these groups came this way. Especially if Erlend from The Whitest canada goose outlet store Boy Alive/Kings of Convenience did a solo DJ set to wrap the evening up.

On that note, maybe a lucrative option would be to have a festival billing including the best from the region: Jos Gonz (Sweden), Kings of Convenience (Norway), Lykke Li (Sweden), Junior Senior (Denmark), The Knife (Sweden), Mew (Denmark), Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (Sweden), and Sigur R (if you include Iceland in Scandinavia). That something that people outside of the city would travel to Raleigh to come experience. Just like Hopscotch in September, the bill would be strong enough to have a large out of town draw.

All this being said, my vote for a one act easy book that would fill all 5,000 seats would be Van Morrison. Just like Stevie Wonder fans give him a pardon for Just Called to Say I Love canada goose outlet reviews You when you put aside Girl and a few of his other most popular songs (ie. all the ones my parents like), Van Morrison remains my most listened to artist of all time. He has no problem selling out 7,000 seat venues, and would be a draw for all ages. He probably the only artist I can think of that both myself and my parents would want tickets.

A dream hip hop show at the pavilion? This exercise of dreaming up the perfect lineup is kind of like drawing your dream house, you want it all, but that not going to jive with reality. Live Nation is a monster of a publicity group, if you aren familiar, they control most of the large concert venues in the nation, they are uk canada goose outlet also the management for most of the major artists in the Canada Goose Online world, and finally they are merging with Ticketmaster so they will control most of the ticket sales in the US. Well now, they control canada goose factory sale most of the big downtown Raleigh shows too, with the free Downtown Live now defunct, Live Nation is who we have to count on to bring any sizable national acts. So we can dream, but the management/promoter/venue owner/ticket sales group is going to tell us what we can see regardless. That said, heres my dream: Big Boi ( a Live Nation Artist) will release a highly anticipated album this summer. Kid Cudi also performs for Live Nation. How about a show opened by Kooley High then followed by Kid Cudi and Big Boi? That would be an amazing hip hop show that would pack that venue out. Maybe I am overshooting capacity here with Big Boi but we are talking about our dream show right?

Paul Publisher of Giusto Gusto

The Strokes are unbelievable live, their mix of fast, energetic rock turns the crowd into one giant sing along mob. Considering the mixed reviews of their last album and the success of Julian Casablancas solo album, the Strokes are due to come out with what should be a righteous new album this year.

Gnarls Barkley is like a modern super group. The jazzy beats and melodic keys of Danger Mouse mixed with the falsetto blues tones of Cee Lo have turned the pop/hip hop world upside down, appealing to fans of punk, jazz, blues, r and early rock n roll.

Interpol, a official canada goose outlet dark rock band from NYC, create hauntingly beautiful songs that you can help but love. Heavy bass lines, soothing lyrics, low bottom drums, and reverb laden guitar create an undistinguishable sound that has kept this band on the top of bills all over the nation.

The lineup I be most interested in seeing at the new downtown Raleigh amphitheater would include the Flaming Lips, MGMT, Spoon, and Modest Mouse. Wayne Coyne hosts a phenomenally fun concert, and the venue would be the perfect place to display his outrageous antics (it kind of hard to roll over the crowd in a giant inflated bubble at Disco Rodeo). Fresh on the heels of their sophomore release, MGMT could easily draw a large crowd ready to dance to some of the catchiest damned songs released in the last decade. Spoon just keeps getting better and more prolific with age, and their appeal with Merge fans would make them a definite audience pleaser, while Modest Mouse would round out the lineup with their well loved indie rock sound.

There are two slates that I love to see at the downtown canada goose outlet uk amphitheater. The first would be a collection of artists from Merge Records. We know that Arcade Fire would sell out easy, but they apparently doing only festivals this summer. But how about Spoon, She Him, Caribou and The Rosebuds? That an easy sell out, and really, if you have Spoon, you only need one other band, I suspect.

Of course, we don have access to the attendance figures that the promoters do, so we blind a bit.

Another possibility that would be great is bands playing at Bonnaroo and have a gap in their tour schedule. Bonnaroo runs from June 10 13. Who playing then that has a gap in their tour schedule afterwards? The National, The Black Keys, The xx. I mean, Phoenix is playing at Koka Booth on their way to Bonnaroo!

Samuel McGuire former WKNC DJ BigFatSac

The inaugural schedule of bands for the Downtown Amphitheater should be looked at like a menu from a first time restaurateur. Trying to hit everyone tastes, but not being bold or confident enough to impress true gourmets. Great location, nice d but what on the plate is not impressive.

To be fair, the slate of summer shows leads me to believe canada goose outlet they won have a lot of trouble selling some tickets to canada goose clearance sale folks looking to have a fun night downtown or relive some past memories. However, I do hope that the booking starts turning toward bringing in acts that can both sell out a five thousand seat venue AND host artists that appeal to and reflect the tastes of the hordes of intelligent, involved music fans here in the Triangle. Since you asked (no you didn here are three acts that I think would be a huge step in the right direction.

Start with booking the Avett Brothers. North Carolina band, large and growing following, excellent musicians, and a band that can come back year after year and pack the house. This is an easy call and one that will give the Downtown Amphitheater a good name going forward.

Next I would look at booking Ben Folds. He shown a predilection toward canada goose outlet playing here in his old stomping grounds (Meymandi, DPAC) and ALWAYS brings a big crowd. I didn love his last album, but live? In the words of JB, he blows doors down.

Finally and since I pulling the strings here, two words. White Stripes. In my oh so humble opinion, one of the best live acts out there Canada Goose Outlet and however you feel about it, they sell enough records to put five thousand butts in the seats. And Jack and Meg feedback and pounding drums screaming out into hot North Carolina night? That the stuff live albums are made of.

Karen Mann Publisher of Mann World

My Morning Jacket with Band of Horses (or vice versa)

Superchunk with Annuals and The Love Language

Wilco (though they did just play here)

Pink with MIA and/or The Gossip

Note that some of these are probably too big and some too small, but that doesn mean the show wouldn be sick Peterson Guitarist for Old Habits and Tonk

This venue would be perfect for a bluegrass festival with a downtown vibe. Cuegrass was a huge success, even with several Earth Day events canada goose outlet parka going on downtown. It attracted several thousand folks and will likely need a larger venue next year.

Tift Merritt would be a great fit in the fall. CoBill with Alejandro Escavedo would kick ass. Throw in Chatham County Line for a solid Bluegrass/Americana package.


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