105 points submitted 4 days agoTM Opera O the Japanese racehorse who was the model for the Umamusume of the same name, passed away on the 17th of May. He beat Special Week record of most race earnings in Japan and also hold the world record until Arrogate beat it in 2017. He also won 7 G1 titles matching Syboli Rudolf record.

Tankini Swimwear This series is the darkest in terms of themes and is populated by characters who are flawed in a way Star Trek hadn done before. While the first few seasons are rough, they aren as bad as TNG so it best to start at the beginning.Voyager (VOY) The USS Voyager is thrown to the other side of the galaxy (the other other side) and have to undertake the 70 year mission to get back to Earth. They alone, with no friends and have to explore completely unknown space. Tankini Swimwear

swimwear sale Also, if you own a drz, and are even thinking about doing anything yourself with little experience, its worth the $ to buy an oem Suzuki drz400 maintenance manual. It will help you learn how to maintain and/or fix or replace anything on the bike. The bike is one of the most maintainable and inexpensive to own and do repairs on yourself. swimwear sale

beach dresses It does come at the cost of a 20 30 min drive to work. But, the motorcycle helps out there. With that said, the bike ride for me would be about 90 minutes (20 miles through some rough areas which as an aforementioned girl I don know that I want to do). beach dresses

wholesale bikinis Bond insurers are seeking protection under Title III under the specially secured revenue obligations exemption. This is the municipal equivalent to being a secured creditor in the corporate world. This and other actions by the board and the Commonwealth constitute bizarre behavior that runs counter to all government finance legal doctrine found in constitutional and statutory law.. wholesale bikinis

cheap bikinis Add edgy jewelry such as chain link or metal mesh to complete the look. Break convention and discard the denim for a slinky jersey fabric. This look is best in a monochromatic color theme.. Absolute nightmare material if they don make adding guns to drones a ridiculous federal offense.SOSBTK 1 point submitted 4 days agoHere the thing though, making this illegal won help. A kid and his professor built a quadrocopter drone that could fire a gun and stabilize afterwards. There are also 3D printed guns and they are only getting better. cheap bikinis

beach dresses Elias Howe used the design made by Walter Hunt, and patented his machine in 1845. He tried to sell his nouvelle idea in England, but did not meet with any success. However cheap bikinis, on returning to America, Howe found that parts of his patent were infringed upon. beach dresses

one piece swimsuits The controlling partner behind Cemtrex’s auditor was banned by the SEC and PCAOB for conducting fraudulent audits or reviews of public companies while performing little or no work and without even being licensed. Cemtrex’s auditor continues to claim that the firm is run from an office in Texas. But photos show that this address traces to a long since vacant strip mall. one piece swimsuits

beach dresses Sure the one you replying is being entitled but this kind of elitism mindset is so fucking stupid in any overgrowing series x of community. This is a long running joke for a JP community sure Bathing Suits, but the game is finally growing to the rest of the world. So putting some effort to include them into the joke shouldn be too hard. beach dresses

Women’s Swimwear What we know is that Episode 7 is about the dark side of Babymetal. The light side of Babymetal we have seen as the 3 girls while this « dark » side of the group is manifesting itself differently. The KC show and the video for Distortion hint that there is something seriously off with what is going on and what we are seeing, in actuality, is NOT Babymetal but rather an Evil babymetal fronted by the Alternate Su the one Su fought onstage in Legend S during Akatsuki.. Women’s Swimwear

Cheap Swimsuits Lazy with most things but to things he finds interesting he goes all out. He is a person with unprecedented, unpredictable behavior. He makes mistakes with an unforgiving smile, innocent mass of evil. There never has been a right time to buy a flat in Mumbai. Anytime is good. With the rapid growth of urbanization a house is worth thousand times its weight in gold Cheap Swimsuits.


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