William B. « Bill » BowmanAGE: 97 Laurel SpringsWilliam B. « Bill » Bowman slipped into God’s loving arms on May 22, 2015, at his home in Laurel Springs surrounded by his loving family at the age of 97. In the event of the above (supportive relatives, decent income, a partner, no kids) being absent (all or even just a few), the best advice is to leave and not come back. Really. Financially speaking, that the soundest thing to do, because if you struggle to support yourself, cannot readily help support others, and are otherwise going to struggle to set up in life, it doesn matter that it doesn snow here much and that there an ocean, because those things don pay the bills..

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Basically I don think we need to fix schools, as much as we need to fix the In America we like to believe that all it takes to raise a kid is 2 parents and a good school. The reality is that it takes a village, but we never built the village. Rich parents can replace the village using social and economic capital, many can and suffer..

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