Filmmaker Terry Gilliam talks about The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and how his struggle to make the film nearly destroyed him. The q This music panel assesses Kanye West’s « Sunday Service » and takes a look at the complicated legacy of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Toronto punk band PUP chats about their new album Morbid Stuff and performs live in the q music studio..

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canada goose coats Still others barely escaped bombs that flattened their neighborhoods. They have lost homes, limbs, loved ones, dreams. All say that they would prefer to live with safety and dignity in their own country if they could. There are two waves of Spring Break crowds the local spring breaks in Florida mostly hit in early to mid March, while the national spring breaks (the ones that Disney itself truly fears, as evidenced by its passholder blockout dates) are centered on Easter weekend. This year, Easter is so late that the two waves are kind of separated, with us currently in a trough between them as evidence, I point to the fact that the crowd levels on Sunday 4/7 were 3s across the board. Some of the lowest waits I seen since February (I peek in at the app when I bored).In years when such a trough exists, try aiming for it! In years when it doesn and the March crowds run right into the Easter crowds, it might be best to wait for late April/May, when the crowds clear out a bit before the summer rush.As for the actual height of Spring Break itself, around Easter and in mid March, my only advice is to avoid it: the crowds are as bad or worse than the Christmas season, but there no cool decorations or parades to look at and the weather is 30 40 degrees warmer. canada goose coats

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