The hitch with Patti’s aspirations is that she’s a big woman, and white, outside of both beauty and hip hop norms, facts that are jabbed in her face with juvenile glee by detractors at every opportunity. Aussie Macdonald’s performance in Patti feeling sorry for herself, or as a bellicose breadwinner, or as a swaggering rhyme master is palpable and distinguished. Katie Hasty.

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As Cory Mantyka puts it: « The CFL is actually more like my off season job. In fact my career in the CFL wasn’t planned. Lions, works in Bellingham, Wash., in the off season as a registered nurse. Jose cocked it up. We mean he really cocked it up. The clue was in the pre match interview, when he was asked about bringing in Jesse Lingard for his first Premier League minutes of the season and Henrikh Mkhitaryan for his first Premier League start.

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