CB channel 9 has been designated by the FCC as an emergency contact channel. However, this designation is only valid in the United States and other countries do not have this « official » designation for the channel, so it would not be uncommon to hear stations conducting non emergency radio traffic on this channel when skip is in. There are stations across the country, including many police and rescue agencies that actively monitor this channel for those who have a problem ranging from medical emergencies, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, to being lost..

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To be dispensed correctly, Guinness uses a different type of coupler (connecting the keg, the gas, and the tap), one referred to as a « U System. » This coupler has a restrictor plate in it which forces the nitrogen blend through small holes, decreasing the size of the bubbles. And the nitrogen mix doesn dissolve in liquid as easily as standard CO2. Since the bubbles are smaller and don dissolve as easily, you get the behavior where the bubbles in the middle go upward, creating the corresponding down flow along the sides..

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