Try reducing the amount of pellets she gets and make sure she has lots of hay with her at all times and maybe she start eating it more ūüôā Also dildos, maybe try some other greens like kale stems or parsley? My rabbit goes nuts for those.No problem, I glad that I can share the information with other bunny owners! He seems to be adapting completely fine without the vision in his right eye dildos, we recently acquired some new furniture and he isn having any problems navigating the living room which is reassuring to me ūüôā I think because it only the one eye that is blind it is making it easier for him to adapt so it not as difficult than if he were totally blind.For now I coping a okay, I just making sure I really diligent with his meds and giving him treats afterwards so he doesn get too down about them. He is getting lots of love and cuddles and is still acting and eating completely normal. I am really grateful that the vet has been so willing to find information and talk to specialists even though she not an exotic pet vet.

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