I re read my post yesterday and it was kind of depressing although I didn mean it that way. I elated to have a few days off work. I live across the street from a charity that helps feed families in need and provides a place for folks with substance abuse problems to get clean, so I probably volunteer there on Thanksgiving.

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canada goose clearance sale UNDERCOVER security officers at Coles are catching of self service checkout thieves every week, but a shocking number of Aussies are still swiping groceries and getting off scot free thanks to a out of jail free card survey of 2200 shoppers by research firm Canstar Blue has revealed that 7 per cent admitted to stealing an item without scanning it, while 9 per cent admitted to not paying the full price by scanning the item as a cheaper alternative.The numbers are largely unchanged from two years ago, suggesting high profile efforts by Coles and Woolworths to crack down on the everything as carrots mentality and rein in their massive theft bills have been largely unsuccessful.still a huge problem, said Canstar Blue editor Simon Downes. Absolutely blew my mind is the number of people who are getting away with it. Items most likely to be stolen were fruits and vegetables (24 per cent), followed by packaged foods (16 per cent), snacks and drinks (12 per cent), baby products (12 per cent) and fresh packaged meats (10 per cent).Of the survey respondents who admitted to deliberately stealing an item, just 5 per cent said they had been caught. canada goose clearance sale

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